Wednesday, April 9, 2014

# 29 Menswear Fashion Week 2014

You've been waiting for it, now here it is.  The anticipated show list and runway casting for Menswear Fashion Week 2014.  First of all, the reason this didn't come out sooner is because, as some of you may know, we had a casting to hopefully gain a few more active male models.  If you see new faces around, be sure to welcome them, say hi, play nice.  We're all going to need each other if we want this event to work well.  There are 24 shows to fill that will contain 6-8 models each.  Everyone is going to be busy and working hard.  So please respect each other and help each other.  Help the new ones who may not know how Siren works yet.

Also, ladies, you will see there are VERY few opportunities for this event.  You should have expected that, given that it's MENSwear Fashion Week.  *Giggles*  However, that said, I think it's good that we as female models can take a step back and feel how our men feel a lot of the time... eager to work, but not a lot of opportunity.  It's amazing that our men get to shine, so please make sure that even if you're not cast in this event, you come out to some of the shows and support your fellow Siren Models.

Now that I'm done being mushy and sentimental... here are the details you need to know.


Menswear Fashion Week 2014 Dates:
     April 25th, 2014 - May 3rd, 2014

Casting For...
     Runway Models (Male & Female, though mostly Male)
     Volunteers to help with a 25 hour Charity Dance event

Appearance Requirements
     Nothing special; typical runway models for these shows

Show Times?
     Glad you asked!  
..:: Important Information Regarding Casting For This Event ::..

There are some important things to note about casting for this event.  Please bear with me, for those MWFW veterans who are reading this... I'm mostly stating this for those that haven't been with us for a MWFW before (and I may be overly detailed for myself, who has not been the Model Manager during MWFW before.  Haha.  So please bear with me.)

     * Yes, there are 24 shows to fill.  Yes, each show needs 6-8 models.  Yes, 99% of these models need to be male.  We NEED our men to be active and cast.  If there is RL preventing you from casting, by all means, RL FIRST, I totally understand.  However, otherwise, I should be seeing casting notecards from our men.

     * Things can (and will) get crazy.  The 4 themed shows have 2 rehearsals each, a regular rehearsal and a dress rehearsal.  The other 20 shows?  Only one rehearsal.  This is a 'norm' for Siren Productions.  We need you present at rehearsal, on time, and paying attention.  There is a lot of information to pack into a 2 hour rehearsal, and we simply don't have the time to schedule another one if you missed rehearsal or weren't paying attention.

     * That said, please please please... ONLY CAST FOR A SHOW IF YOU CAN MAKE THE REHEARSAL(S) AND THE SHOW.  I understand this may limit the number of shows you can do... but we need everyone present at rehearsal as much as possible.  Now, if a show isn't full and I need models, I may come to you and ask if you can, and being late/missing rehearsal may be accepted in that situation.  But that is at mine and Lexie's discretion only.  Please, again, DO NOT sign up for a show if you can't make the rehearsal(s) and the show.

     * Regarding Style Checks: I'm not sure if this has ever been gone over in detail in a casting notecard before, and I guess it has caused some upset in the last couple of events so I wanted to be clear... we do not style check you because we think you're a bad model/bad stylist/not doing something right.  Anyone and everyone in Siren Productions who steps foot on one of our runways is subject to a style check.  You could've been modeling for 5 months or 5 years, we may still choose to style check you.  This is because we (mostly Lexie... lol) have a specific vision for how we want the show to be presented.  We simply want to make sure we are as close to making that vision a reality as possible.  Please please, do not get insulted if and when we style check you.


..:: To Cast ::..

Please fill out this application notecard and return it to Barney Helendale by no later than April 19th, 2014.  Keep in mind, a lot of times these shows will fill up, so don't wait until the last minute to send your card back.  :-)

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