Thursday, January 29, 2015

# 115 Penumbra Sneek Peek

Penumbra Sneak Peek Exclusive
Bravura Homme!! -- Man In Black Suit [with sunglasses]
Model ~ Kramer
Lybra Adriano Suit Jacket
Lybra Nunzio Suit Pants
Redgrave Sunglasses ~ Neo

# 114 Two Souls Meeting

360 Men'sWear
Model~ Kramer wearing
Outfit ~ Leather Jacket w/tie 
Includes open and closed version 
Outfit includes Pants and Boots
Pose wall to wall v3 Kramer 4 Deacon pose 2
Location Image Essentials
Model ~ Deacon
 360 Aviator Jacket
Men's Denim Ripped Blue Jeans
Men's Outlaw Boots
360 Men's Store inworld ~
Image Essential Inworld ~
Location ~ Image Essentials
Pose ~ Pose wall to wall v3 Kramer 1 Deacon 3

Thursday, January 22, 2015

# 113 Marc

New Release from NoName
Here I am presenting three New Releases from NoName
Shirt ~ The new Marc Shirt with Hud
Pants ~ Bastian Baggies with Hud
Boots ~ Harley Boots with Hud
This outfit and other awesome outfits can be found in the Men's Store
Model~ Kramer
Photographer ~ Deacon Shaw

Friday, January 16, 2015

# 112 Bond Polo Shirt

New Bond Polo Shirt
New Release from Bond7 
What I am wearing is the Blond Polo Shirt Black,White and Red 
Several Designs are available and also in solid colors
Model: Kramer
I know it's been awhile since Ive done any blogging But Im slowly getting back into it.So bear with me