Tuesday, July 29, 2014

# 100 Kelini Haute Couture

Kelini Haute Couture
I am totally excited to Feature a new male outfit from Kelini Haute Couture
Kelini is venturing into menswear and i for one am totally excited about this.
I am wearing the new Green and White Sportswear Jacket
I have been watching this designer for awhile now so i am totally excited today
Stop by Kelini inworld and check out their Men and Women Desings
Inworld ~
Model: Kramer

Sunday, July 20, 2014

# 99 Passion for Fashion

DOT-BE Passion Suit 
Today I am featuring an outfit from Dot-Be
This is their Passion Suit and ive gotten the add-on hud
So today I picked a more teal color to wear and also I have gotten the new Fork Sunglasses.
The sunglasses im wearing today are the grafitti ones
Stop on down today and grab your Passion Suit and Fork Glasses only from Dot-Be
Dot-Be Passion Suit
Fork Glasses
Model:Kramer Snookums

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

# 98 Mr Virtual World Formals

I am happy to present my Mr Virtual World 2014 Mr Canada Outfit
This outfit comes from Hawker's House Clothing

Hawker's House Main Store:
Styling Card:
Hawkers House CANADA Suit ~ Avion Chic Suit with Maple Leaves
[Phunk] ~ Red Sequin Shoes
Twenty13 ~ Canada Slink Fingernails
Slink ~ Relaxed Hands
Salon De Glow M-05 Light Brown
<R> Agression Earrings
Heth Haute Couture ~ Diamond and Gold Ring
Tableau Vivant ~ Echo Skin ~ Tone 5
IKON Vanity Eyes ~ Sand
Crickets ~ Square Linked Cross Necklace

# 97 Mr Virtual World Finals National Theme

Today I am presenting my outfits for Mr Virtual World 2014 Mr Canada
The first outfit was Designed by Lybra Rage

Styling Card:
Outfit ~ Lybra Designs ~ Suit Chest Piece Shoulder Piece
Gizza ~ Formal White Shoes
Slink ~ Relaxed Hands
Twenty13 ~ Canada Fingernails
**RE** ReVox Alegoria Watch with Hud
Exile Hair ~ Evan-Stefani
<R> Agression Earrings
Heth Haute Couture ~ Pierpoint Gold and Diamond ring
Tableau Vivant ~ Echo Skin Tone 5