Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jasmine Hayes: #19 Kelli Stole my Gum!

Jasmine Hayes: #19 Kelli Stole my Gum!: Tentacio ~ Infiniti ~  Pididdle  ~ Exposeur Wings are Steampunk Insect from Tenacio Bubblegum is from Pididdle Gumballs are from In...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

# 111 Winter is upon us

Bravura @ Penumbra F/W 2014
Bravura is preparing us for winter with this blue Winter Smart Outfit
This is a brand new mesh suit which includes the Pants,Shirt,Vest,Jacket and Tie
Stop down and get yours before its to late and the cold has arrived and you havent gotten a winter outfit yet
Penumbra A/W 2014
Bravura NEW Mainstore

Saturday, September 20, 2014

# 110 Bravura @ Penumbra

Penumbra F/W 14 Exclusive
Here we are TaDa The new Bravura Winter Outfit
This is only available at the Penumbra A/W Fashion Week
This is a complete Mesh suit including Pants~Shoes and the Jacket
Bravura New Mainstore LM
Model Kramer

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

# 109 Anywhere Jumpsuit

24 Squared Exclusive
Today I am featuring Bravura Homme
I am wearing the new and exclusive Anywhere Jumpsuit
This is only available at the 24 Squared event and only a limited amount are available
This outfit is Mesh and includes the Jumpsuit,Shoes and the Forked Glasses that you see in the picture above.There is only 4 days left for the 24 Squared Event so get on down there today
24 Squared Event:
Bravura Homme Mainstore:
Model: Kramer

Sunday, September 7, 2014

# 108 The 24 Squared Featuring Swagga

24 Squared Featuring Swagga
Today Im excited to be showing you the Tan version of the Swagga Frat Boy Suit.
This suit is only available at the 24 Squared Event going on now. This suit is available in tan as seen above or in black.The suit includes the Pants,Jacket,Shirt and Tie and includes a hud for the shirt,Tie and Belt Buckle.I am also wearing the new animated Swagga Rude Boy sunglasses.These are available in 5 diffrent styles in the Gatcha machine also inside the Swagga store inside the 24 Squared Event.I am wearing the *Swag* sunglasses today.
Stop on down today and grab your suit as there is only a limited number available
24 Squared SLurl
Swagga Inworld

Saturday, September 6, 2014

# 107 Frat Boy

24 Squared Event
Ready for college anybody ??
Swagga has designed not 1 but 2 awesome Frat Boy suits exclusive to the 24 Squared Event going on now thru September 13th 2014
The suit i am wearing here is the black Frat Boy Suit.
The mesh outfit includes Pants,Shirt,Jacket and Tie with a shirt,tie and belt buckle hud and can be worn with or without the tie.
There is only a limited amount being sold and only at the 24 Squared Event.And one more thing i would add is these awesome Rude Boy Sunglasses.I am wearing the Hot Mess ones and they are full animated and only available at the Swagga Mainstore.If i was you I would pick up both items.This suit also comes in tan and the sunglasses come in 5 diffrent styles.
24 Squared Event LM:
Swagga Mainstore LM

Monday, September 1, 2014

# 106 Its time for some exercise

The SwagFest2
Today I am featuring the following items only available at the SwagFest2
This is an awesome Urban Track Suit designed by Swagga and only available at the SwagFest2 going on now til 20 September 2014
This is a fitted Mesh outfit and comes complete with top and bottom
Stop down and grab yours today
SwagFest2 Info
Inworld SLurl

# 105 Hustler

The SwagFest2
Im not much into tattoo's but I saw this one and just had to have it.
So I figured I would also blog it so others could go down and get this.This is a Identity Body Shop tattoo named *Hustler*
This tattoo is available @ The SwagFest2 going on now til September 20th 2014
Here is all the info you'll need..
The SwagFest2 Website:
Identity Body Shop..

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

# 104 Into The Flames

Twenty13 New Release
I am excited to be featuring another awesome NEW RELEASE from Twenty13
This is their *Chibs*Jacket in Flames.
Stop on down and grab yours today. Also available in 3 diffrent styles
Inworld Store
The staff at Twenty13 Thank all they're loyal customers for all their support
Stop on by today and check them out

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

# 103 Gravilo

Heth Haute Couture
I am very happy to be featuring a brand New Release from
Heth Haute Couture
This suit is amazing and the detail in this is wonderful.
Heth has put a lot of detail in this suit from the silk jacquard shirt and vest to the  black crepe Jacket
all the way down to the Italian leather shoes with stitching.
Stop on down to the store and pick this up.Then watch all the attention your going to recieve.
Thank You Heth for letting me model this awesome suit for you 
Photographer and Designer: Hethwen Collinwood

Thursday, August 7, 2014

# 102 Disposed

Champagne Sparkling Couture
Today im featuring the new release called DISPOSED 
by Champagne Sparking Couture.
This comes in several colors
Outfit includes Hat,Collar,Cuffs,Boots,Corset,Gloves,Short Pants,Bulge,and Socks
This is NOT a mesh outfit but awesome anyways
Inworld Store:
Models: Marbox in Red
Kramer in Purple

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

# 100 Kelini Haute Couture

Kelini Haute Couture
I am totally excited to Feature a new male outfit from Kelini Haute Couture
Kelini is venturing into menswear and i for one am totally excited about this.
I am wearing the new Green and White Sportswear Jacket
I have been watching this designer for awhile now so i am totally excited today
Stop by Kelini inworld and check out their Men and Women Desings
Inworld ~
Model: Kramer

Sunday, July 20, 2014

# 99 Passion for Fashion

DOT-BE Passion Suit 
Today I am featuring an outfit from Dot-Be
This is their Passion Suit and ive gotten the add-on hud
So today I picked a more teal color to wear and also I have gotten the new Fork Sunglasses.
The sunglasses im wearing today are the grafitti ones
Stop on down today and grab your Passion Suit and Fork Glasses only from Dot-Be
Dot-Be Passion Suit
Fork Glasses
Model:Kramer Snookums

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

# 98 Mr Virtual World Formals

I am happy to present my Mr Virtual World 2014 Mr Canada Outfit
This outfit comes from Hawker's House Clothing

Hawker's House Main Store:
Styling Card:
Hawkers House CANADA Suit ~ Avion Chic Suit with Maple Leaves
[Phunk] ~ Red Sequin Shoes
Twenty13 ~ Canada Slink Fingernails
Slink ~ Relaxed Hands
Salon De Glow M-05 Light Brown
<R> Agression Earrings
Heth Haute Couture ~ Diamond and Gold Ring
Tableau Vivant ~ Echo Skin ~ Tone 5
IKON Vanity Eyes ~ Sand
Crickets ~ Square Linked Cross Necklace

# 97 Mr Virtual World Finals National Theme

Today I am presenting my outfits for Mr Virtual World 2014 Mr Canada
The first outfit was Designed by Lybra Rage

Styling Card:
Outfit ~ Lybra Designs ~ Suit Chest Piece Shoulder Piece
Gizza ~ Formal White Shoes
Slink ~ Relaxed Hands
Twenty13 ~ Canada Fingernails
**RE** ReVox Alegoria Watch with Hud
Exile Hair ~ Evan-Stefani
<R> Agression Earrings
Heth Haute Couture ~ Pierpoint Gold and Diamond ring
Tableau Vivant ~ Echo Skin Tone 5

Friday, June 20, 2014

# 96 Gator Skin

Exclusive Release for SecondPride
 I am Totally excited to be featuring this awesome Exclusive release from Hawker's House
This formal Gilded alligator skin suit is only available for SecondPride. Once SecondPride is done guess what That will be the end of this suit being sold.So if I was you I would rush down to Hawker's House store @ SecondPride and pick this suit up.
This outfit includes two diffrent pant styles and can be worn with or without the ascot and is also available in 5 standard mesh sizes.I hope that if you want this awesome suit youll get it before you regret not getting it.
SecondPride LM :
Model: Kramer
Photographer: Cali Karsin

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

# 95 Smarty Pants

New Release from Bravura Homme
Ready for some more exciting releases from Bravura Homme ??
Today I am featuring two New Releases
Bravura Marty Sweater available in several colors
Bravura Super Smart Trousers available in several colors and includes belt
This outfit is very comfortable to wear and is ready for you to wear either exploring SL or where your just needing a casual out this is for you
Inworld Store:

Monday, June 16, 2014

# 94 Poppy's are in Full Bloom

Just Released @ Hawker's House
 Ready to do some shopping ??
Head on down to Hawker's House and grab this awesome Short Suit today.
As you know the bright colors are hitting SL this season and here is another items to add to your closet.This is a must have
The item im featuring today is....Versale Short Poppy Suit available NOW!!!!
Hawker's House Inworld:

Friday, June 13, 2014

# 93 Gilded vs Flora

New Release from Hawker's House
 WOW What a week for New Releases from Hawker's House
Hawker's House has released over 20 Formal and Casual Outfits this week and more being planned for this weekend.I cant wait to see whats coming out next 
Today we are featuring these two awesome formals
Kramer:Avion Summer Classic Flora Suit
This suit includes all of the following items
Jacket,Shirt and two diffrent pants.Black and the white in the above picture
Marbox:Avion Floral Summer Gilded Suit
This suit includes the following items
Jacket,Pants available in two colors
Suit can be worn with or without the Ascot
Models:Kramer & Marbox
Photographer: Marbox

Thursday, June 12, 2014

# 92 Marsell

Just Released @ Hawker's House
 I have the awesome pleasure once again to be featuring a brand new release from Hawker's House
Hawker's House has just released 25 new Formal and Casual Outfits for men
Today i am wearing the Marsell outfit available now
This outfit includes the Shirt,Tie and Vest
I am also wearing the Charcoal Cargo Shorts 
Stop on down to Hawker's House today and check out all these new and exciting outfits

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

# 91 Vibrant

New Releases Coming Soon
 I am totally excited for you all to see all the New Items coming out of
Hawker's House this week.
Hawker House has released 25 new and exciting Formal and Casual wear and more being released this weekend.
I will be blogging a lot of the new items being released so what my blog and visit Hawker's House inworld to check out all these amazing designs.
Today though I am featuring the following items,
Versele Short Suit *Vibrant*
With this includes Shorts Blazer and Shirt.The Blazer can be worn with or without the shirt

Sunday, June 8, 2014

# 90 Sarrouel

New Release from ::K::
Today I have the pleasure of featuring a new release from ::K::
This is the Sarrouel Black Fitted Mesh Shorts and
The New Fitted Mesh Loose Fit T-Shirt in Blue
Fitted Mesh does not fit all avatars so please try a demo first
Go ahead run down to ::K:: and pick yours up today
Inworld Store:

Friday, June 6, 2014

# 89 Twenty13 Flip Flops

New Release from Twenty13
I know I have good lookin feet but im not blogging these lol Instead look at these awesome 
New Release Slink Flip Flops now available at Twenty13
These Flip Flops are available in 6 diffrent colors
Blue,Brown,Green,Orange,Purple and Red
Stop by and grab yours today
Inworld Store:

Thursday, June 5, 2014

# 88 Men Only Hunt

Twenty13 Men only Hunt
Today Im featuring the Twenty13*Cohen Outfit* Men Only Hunt Item
This is a complete mesh outfit just waiting for you
This is another awesome item brought to you by Twenty13
Available in standard mesh sizes
Twenty13 Inworld:

# 87 Karson is Calling

Two awesome New Releases for you tonight
Today i am featuring to designs for your delite
1.FashionNatic *Karson* Complete Outfit
This outfit includes the following items,
Pants Shirt and Sandals and an awesome color hud
Youll need Slink feet for the sandals to work with your outfit
You can find this outfit on MP as well as inworld
Next I would like to show you a New Release items from 
Rainbows Custom Jewerly
Rainbow has come out with this awesome Black and Silver Mens watch
This watch keeps SL time and is a perfect to for any outfit
Im hearing there is also a Gold Version being released soon
Stop on down to Rainbows Custom Jewerly Today
Inworld Store:
Model Kramer

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

# 86 Smart Urban

New Release from Bravura Homme
 Lots of exciting things coming out from Bravura Homme
You might wanna watch this spot for all their new releases
Today I am featuring the following items available in store NOW
Shorts ~ Urban Shorts Light Charcoal ~More colors available
Tank ~ Francis tank top ~ Black ~ More Colors Available
Hat ~ Bravura Boaters Hat ~ More Colors Available
Bag ~ Shoulder bag with resizer ~ More Colors Available
Inworld Store:
Model: Kramer

# 85 Gone Fishing

New Release from Bravura Homme
New Releases from Bravuar Homme
Today I am Featuring the following items
Cleveland Coat with Tee
Cool Denim Shorts ~ Blue
Bravura Homme Blog:

# 84 Casual is the way to go

New Releases from Bravura Homme
 Today I have the pleasure of featuring some new releases from Bravura Homme
I am featuring the following New Releases
Pants ~ Black Linen Chinos
Shirt includes Tie ~ Button Down with Hud 
Boots ~ Snake Skin Ankle Boots
Several New Releases have arrived at Bravura Homme Stop by and grab yours TODAY!
Inworld Store:

# 83 O.M.E.N Home Decor

First of all Id like to thank O.M.E.N. for allowing me to blog for them
O.M.E.N - HOME - Candle House
O.M.E.N - HOME - Cooking jars
O.M.E.N - Time For School - Racks
O.M.E.N - Formally Casual - Blogger (6 different colors)
Models: Marbox & Kramer

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

# 82 Gone in Cleveland

New Releases from Bravura Homme
 We have some awesome new releases this week
I am featuring the following items today
Shirt and Tee - Cleavland in White
Shorts:Cool Denim Summer Shorts in white includes hud
Inworld Store:
Model: Kramer

Monday, June 2, 2014

# 81 Michi Hoodie

Get it before its gone
Better head on down to the Penumbra Fashion Fair
The last days are upon on So grab your Michi Hoodie today
I really enjoy the looks and feel of this hoodie and youll like it also
This can be worn just about anywhere you wanna go
Penumbra Retail:
Loovus Dzevavor Blog:

Saturday, May 31, 2014

# 80 Twenty13 @ The Thrift Shop 5.0

The Thrift Shop 5.0 Starts June 8th
Today I have the pleasure of featuring Twenty13 once again 
These awesome Saroum Pants are available in several diffrent styles
The once i am wearing today is named the *Revolt*
These pants also include Suspenders
Come on down and get yours today!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

# 79 New Gatcha s{K}ins

Looking for New Skins ?? Read Below
Here are just two of the amazing skins your gonna find at the 
Gatcha Events only at KRAVE Inc and OMG!
7 Deadly Skins - KRAVE Inc - DANTE skin RARE
Available in 5 different skin tones with Slink Hands and Feet Applier
Marbox's Skin:
7 Deadly Skins - OMG - DAMON skin Version3
Available in 5 different skin tones with Slink Hands and Feet Applier

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

# 78 Featuring Blvck Anchor

Blvck Anchor @ Penumbra Fashion Fair
 Blvck Anchor Ruby Versace Suit
This is it guys ! Here is your New Suit
Outfit includes Jacket,Shirt,Scarf,Vest and Blvck Slacks
Penumbra Retail Area:
Blvck Anchor Inworld Store:

Monday, May 26, 2014

# 77 Blayne

Zanze @ Penumbra Fashion Week
Here is another awesome suit from Zanze
Today I am Featuring:Blayne
As you can see this suit can be worn with or without the jacket
So you can start out looking formal and by the end of the night your looking casual
If I were you Id head on down to the Penumbra Fashion Week and get yours
Punembra Events Calendar:
Models:Left Marbox Right Kramer

# 76 Feeling Alive

Exclusive Release 
Penumbra Fashion Fair Week
Come on down and pick up your Exclusive Releases from  Loovus Dzevavor 
Today I am wearing the Alive Shorts *Freesia*
Shirt:1of a kind Tee *Celosia*
Penumbra Events Website: