Saturday, May 31, 2014

# 80 Twenty13 @ The Thrift Shop 5.0

The Thrift Shop 5.0 Starts June 8th
Today I have the pleasure of featuring Twenty13 once again 
These awesome Saroum Pants are available in several diffrent styles
The once i am wearing today is named the *Revolt*
These pants also include Suspenders
Come on down and get yours today!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

# 79 New Gatcha s{K}ins

Looking for New Skins ?? Read Below
Here are just two of the amazing skins your gonna find at the 
Gatcha Events only at KRAVE Inc and OMG!
7 Deadly Skins - KRAVE Inc - DANTE skin RARE
Available in 5 different skin tones with Slink Hands and Feet Applier
Marbox's Skin:
7 Deadly Skins - OMG - DAMON skin Version3
Available in 5 different skin tones with Slink Hands and Feet Applier

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

# 78 Featuring Blvck Anchor

Blvck Anchor @ Penumbra Fashion Fair
 Blvck Anchor Ruby Versace Suit
This is it guys ! Here is your New Suit
Outfit includes Jacket,Shirt,Scarf,Vest and Blvck Slacks
Penumbra Retail Area:
Blvck Anchor Inworld Store:

Monday, May 26, 2014

# 77 Blayne

Zanze @ Penumbra Fashion Week
Here is another awesome suit from Zanze
Today I am Featuring:Blayne
As you can see this suit can be worn with or without the jacket
So you can start out looking formal and by the end of the night your looking casual
If I were you Id head on down to the Penumbra Fashion Week and get yours
Punembra Events Calendar:
Models:Left Marbox Right Kramer

# 76 Feeling Alive

Exclusive Release 
Penumbra Fashion Fair Week
Come on down and pick up your Exclusive Releases from  Loovus Dzevavor 
Today I am wearing the Alive Shorts *Freesia*
Shirt:1of a kind Tee *Celosia*
Penumbra Events Website:

Sunday, May 25, 2014

# 75 Jude

New Release from Twenty13
 Today im featuring Twenty13
I am wearing the New Release *Jude* Shorts available in several diffrent colors
These are a must have.Not only are they comfortable theyre very trendy
Here I am Featuring the Teal *Jude*Shorts

# 74 Delirium

Delirium Style
 Todays Feature is Delirium Style
Men's Long Coat With Shirt,Tie with included Hud
Mens 3/4 Length Shorts with Boxers includes Hud
Stop on down to Delirium Style Today

Friday, May 23, 2014

# 73 Punembra Meets Dot Be

Penumbra Spring/Summer Fashion Fair
Featuring: Dot-Be
Today I am Featuring Dot-Be Fashion 
The day is coming that The Penumbra Spring/Summer Fashion Fair is opening
Doors Open May 25th-May 31st 2014
Wearing Dot-Be:
Hoodie Sweater ~ Mesh
Sport Pants ~ Suspenders ~ 16 Pant,Boxer and Suspender Texture Hud
For More information Click the below link:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

# 72 Bromance

New Release from KaTink Poses and More
Todays Feature is Katink's New Release *Bromance*
  Group join fee is a ONE time 100L.
    ~ Monthly Group Gifts
    ~ 50% off ALL NEW Releases for the first 48 hours
    ~ Loyalty Program
    ~ Random gifts sent through notices
   ✱✱ Pose Me Amazing Monthly Pose Event:
    This Round - May 10- May 30:
Models: Kramer & Korey

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

# 71 Pier Market Exclusive Release

Exclusive Release by Soul Designs
Tonight I have the pleasure of blogging this awesome Leather Suit being sold exclusively
for The Pier Market.
The Pier Market, which opened it's doors for the first round on  January 20th, is a tri-weekly event bringing new releases and exclusive items to the grid. The items for each round are based loosely around a theme that changes from round to round.
The theme starting May 22 is Duality
Everything from every merchant is a new release and at least ONE exclusive item
 This is an event created by designers and event-hounds for designers and event-hounds.
The Pier Market is not a discount event (unless you, the designer, choose to place your items at a discount).
Stop on down and see whats new this week @ The Pier Market
Designer: Solde Rothmanay
Model: Kramer

# 70 Featuring Bravura

Oh So Smart !!!!! New Release
BRAVURA New Release *Oh So Smart*
This outfit includes;
Jacket,Pants,Shirt w/ Tie and Scarf also includes Color Hud
This is a very comfortable outfit I really enjoyed wearing this while strolling through the park today.
Stop on down today and check this out along with more designs by Bravura Homme Designs

Monday, May 19, 2014

# 69 Summer is here

Bravura Homme Designs
Bravura Cool Denim Shorts with Belt
5 Standard Mesh Sizes

# 68 A Day of Sailing

Bravura Homme Release
I am Wearing:
3/4 Length Urban Shorts*Charcoal*
Francis Tank Top *White*
Boater Aurora Hat
Shoulder Bag *Black*
Inworld Store:
Market Place:

# 67 Featuring BRAVURA Homme

New Release from BRAVURA Homme *Wall Street*
Introducing a new Silk Suit
This is a suit that can be worn anytime of the day or night.You can wear it to work on Wall Street during the day and at night take your coat off at the local pub This is awesome that you can wear this suit with or without the jacket.
Come on down to the store or check out MP for this full outfit

Sunday, May 18, 2014

# 66 Baboom Couture

Its Shopping time down here @ Baboom Couture

Baboom Marko-meshEnsemble-Green
Baboom Marko-meshEnsemble-Hawaii
Baboom Angel* Promo*01 Mesh Ensemble
Baboom Angel* Promo*05 Mesh Ensemble
Baboom Marko-meshEnsemble-Grey

# 65 Mix-N-Matching Featuring Redgrave

Redgrave HipHop Jeans 
Redgrave New Release
Redgrave:HipHop Jeans New Release Fitted Mesh
T-Shirt:US Flag Grunge
Swagga:Tennis Shoe

Saturday, May 17, 2014

# 64 Relay for Live Auction

 This is your chance to own an exclusively outfit by Second Life`s TOP-DESIGNER and to help for a great cause SAME TIME.

All you need to do is to teleport to here: 
This is a fashion charity event for RELAY OF LIFE, generously sponsored by Azul, Vero Modero, Glam Dreams, Faboo, Total Style, MiaMai, Violator by Soraya Vaher, Lilou, Romance Couture, Purple Moon, Tres Beau, Auitu, RFyre, World Undercroft, Blvkl Anchor aaaaand GABRIEL
The suit I am wearing is from Vero Modero *Valentine*
Photographer: Virlay 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

# 63 Heydra New Releases

I have 2 New Releases for you today from HEYDRA
1.Blue Jackson Hoodie
2.Blue Davos Shorts w/ Belt
Both are available in 5 standard mesh sizes
Next I would like to show you another New Release
This release is a White Hikaru Sweater
Now available in store
Stop down to HEYDRA and pick up your new clothing today 

# 62 Zaara @ TMD

Zaara Suits only available at The Mens Dept May 2014
This is one more of the many colors of this suit available this month
I believe spring 2014 is one of bright colors and i for one am enjoying the colors coming in to SecondLife this spring/summer
Stop on down and pick your suit up today.These are ONLY available at TMD

# 61 Under the Rainbow

Rainbow Custom Jewerly
Joyce is wearing Rainbow Custom Jewerly
Today she is featuring the below items
Mixed Gold & Silver Bangles
Gold Star Belly Chain
Necklace and Earring:Pink Marquise 
Rainbow Custom Jewerly is also looking for Bloggers

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

# 60 Grand Venezia

Today I am sharing with you an awesome tux i was given to wear for an upcoming wedding.
I like this tux so much that I would share it with all of you
This is a complete mesh outfit and includes:
Pants,Jacket,Shirt,Vest 2 optional Ties,Shoes,Shape and an amazing texture and color hud
The textures on this suit are amazing and probably better inworld then in a picture so get on down and check it out today
Adam Edelstein Couture

Monday, May 12, 2014

# 59 Baggy Shorts w/Boxers

New Release from Twenty13
 Brand New Release from Twenty13
Today i am wearing the Baggy Jude Shorts w/Boxers
Im also wearing the New Release avEnhancer Finger Nail and Toe Nail color hud
This awesome hud offers 8 finger and 8 toe colors
Looking for some summer shorts ?? Well look no farther.
Twenty13 offers everything you need.Stop by today

# 58 Featuring Twenty13

New Release from Twenty13
New Release Baggy Jude Shorts *Efron* with boxers.
I am also wearing the New Release Slink avEnhancer Fingernail hud with 8 diffrent colors
There is also a Slink avEnhancer Toe Nail hud
Stop down today and check out all these New Releases

Sunday, May 11, 2014

# 57 KaTink Poses

New Releases 
Top Picture
 Group join fee is a ONE time 100L.
    ~ Monthly Group Gifts
    ~ 50% off ALL NEW Releases for the first 48 hours
    ~ Loyalty Program
    ~ Random gifts sent through notices
✱✱✱ NEW IN OUR COUPLES AREA ✱✱✱ - 1st Floor
Bottom Picture
Model: Summit
Model :Kramer

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

# 56 Featuring Zarra at TMD

Featuring Zarra at TMD  May 2014
Amazing new set of summer Suits by Zarra available at THE MENS DEPT. 
Complete Orange Mesh Suit,Standard Sizing
Model/Photographer Kramer

# 55 Going Pink

The Men's Dept May 2014
 Here is another awesome suit from Zaara available at The Men's Dept for May 2014
This designer is offering this suit in several Spring/Summer colors.
Everything you see is included except shoes.These suits are a must have
Or visit Zaara @ their inworld store if you cant make it to The Mens Dept May 2014 Event
Model/Photographer: Kramer

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

# 54 Cyan Formal

The Mens Dept

I have fallen in Love
I am featuring this awesome Cyan formal suit from Zaara
I found this awesome new suit to add to my collection down at the May's Mens Dept.
This is very sleek and stylish complete outfit.
Stop on down and gran your suit today.This is availabe in several awesome colors.
Model/Photographer: Kramer

# 53 The Mens Dept

New at The Men's Dept
Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
Today I am featuring two awesome Designers
This Pink shirt is by *Shai*.This mesh shirt can be purchased in several awesome diffrent colors and if avaliable at The Mens Dept for May 2014.
Second I am Featuring these awesome shorts from ::LikeA::
These are black cropped pants available @ The Mens Dept
These shorts are avalable in 5 diffrent colors
Stop on down to The Mens Department Today

Monday, May 5, 2014

# 52 James

New Release
 Featuring: ZED Sensations
This is a New Release Plaid Suit.This suit your ready to head on out for any formal event or a nice quiet date night out including dinner and a movie.This *James* outfit includes *Fitted Mesh*
This includes a color and texture hud and of course 5 standard mesh sizes

# 51 Featuring *10:4 ~ Mesh

*10:4 ~ Mesh
Today I am Featuring *10:4~Mesh Skater Shorts with Camo Boxers and a dark Plaid Jacket with Shirt. These are available in the 5 Standard Mesh sizes.
Stop on down to *10-4~Mesh today and pick up your Shorts or Jacket.Sold Seperatly