Tuesday, April 29, 2014

# 50 Colin

New Release
 New Male release from FashionNatic
This inclides Shorts,Shoes,Tank-Top and Sunglasses

# 49 Got Abs

New Release
 Do you like showing off your abs ?? But also need to wear a shirt.
Well here you go a brand new release by Mikeys Tees.Run down and grab the new mesh shirt today
Available in 5 standard mesh sizes
Model Kramer

# 48 Featuring-Il Sogno Promo (Second Life)

You can also find us on marketplace 

# 47 Miss Virtual World Auditions

 Miss Virtual World Auditions 
 So you want to be a model?

Open Audition for Ladies and Gents:
Date: Sunday May 4th - 2014
Time: 2:00 PM SLT
We've prepared two challenges for the ladies and two for the gents. The ladies go first dressed inspired by Sex and the City. Then the boys walk in their best Western Look. The ladies take Center Stage again this time in red, and the gents finish off this audition as men in black!

When your name is called simply walk to the front of the stage and show us three poses that best showcases the outfit that you are wearing.  Give some thought to the walk and poses that you will use for each presentation and show us that you really want to be a model.

The judges will select their favorite female and their favorite male and both of them will win a full scholarship to start their modeling careers courtesy of Marcus Lefevre and RGF ESTATES.

Please contact Diana Balhaus and let her know you will be auditioning. Miss Balhaus will be directing the audition, so please be very attentive to her instructions.

AUDITION BACKSTAGE:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gay%20Beach/188/197/2504


- Sex and the city - These four very chic ladies had very frank discussions about romance and sexuality. Style yourself inspired by any of them, and bring us the best of NYC!

- Lady in red - We don't really mean the song, but we do want to see you wear your best all red outfit. Can you impress our judges?


- Marlboro Man - This iconic model made his mark in 1954 and remained a brand image for over 40 years. Pay tribute to this advert and show us your best western look!

- Men in black - We are not making reference to the movie at all. But the judges would like to see you in black. Anything goes: Avant Garde, classic elegance, street chic and everything in between. Make sure every worn item is black.
 Press Release April 27th - 2014
Frolic Mills
RGF Estates

# 46 Blvck Anchor

Menswear Fashion Fair 
The designer im featuring today is Blvck Anchor
This is a Black Mesh Suit featuring jacket,tie,jacket and pants with belt and color hud
You can find this and many more outfits here 
or at the Menswear Fashion Fair til May 3rd 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

# 45 Rock Star

*10-4 ~Mesh Release
Awesome New Release from *10-4 Mesh 
Stop on down today to the store and pick this Mesh Rock Star Jacket along with these black Skater shorts with hello  boxers ~ Sexy.I also included the Graphic glasses and Newsboy hat with texture hud.
Model: Kramer

# 44 Victoria Secret Angel Show

Victoria Secret Angel Relay for Life Charity Auction
 Hey Guys and Gal's Come on down tomorrow afternoon for the L'Amour/Nexus Modeling Academy Relay for Life Victoria Secret Angel Show.Several of the models are going up for a date auction going on tomorrow night. Yes Marbox Firehawk,Myself Korey BriereSolde Rothmanay,Summitt Beaumont,Apollo Call,Sarahelisebeth Brenham,LadySufire Erin,KarlinJames Zepp,Flora Raven,Brendan Macarthur,Yuika Yuikha Loon Silvano Korobase,JewelOfDenial,Leezah Kaddour, and 2 time Cancer Survivor Ava Jhamin will also be present and auctioning the models off one by one I also hear in the rumor mill that even Hezabel Blackheart will also be up for auction.But you know how rumors flow in the modeling world lmao 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

# 43 Bloggers Wanted


Send a notecard to Kramer Snookums in world with your:
•NAME (not display name):
No FB IMs just in-world. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

# 42 New York Stud

Menswear Fashion Fair
April 2th-May 3rd 2014
ZED Sensations
Hello and Welcome to Menswear Fashion Week 2014
I will be Modeling and Blogging this event all week.
Today I am Featuring ZED Sensations New York Stud Mesh Outfit
I will be modeling this outfit for  Zed Sensations sponsored Show: Sunday, April 27th, 2014: 11am-12noon SLT
Model:Kramer Snookums

Monday, April 21, 2014

# 42 Custom Blue Suit

Exclusive Release
Well as most people know I like to be diffrent.I keep seeing suits of the same colors day after day
So I asked Solde Rothmanay if she could make me a blue suit like this.I got the color idea from a beautiful blue ladies dress i saw during a show.I had to have the color lol.Featured is my new suit with another color coming soon.Youll have to watch this spot in the coming weeks for the other new suit.I would like to thanks Solde for doing this for me.
By the way this is not for sale I just wanted to share it with you all

Saturday, April 19, 2014

# 41 Relay for Life Angel Models

While the American Cancer Society understands that different lifestyle groups exist in and out of SL, we will not be doing this auction for anything other then for the Models to take the winner and show them an amazing time at the event.
Relay for Life Model Kramer

Auction on Saturday April 26, 2014 @ 4:00 p.m. slt to 7:00 p.m. slt. (Date Night)  This auction will be conducted in the Modeling Industry only.   No other rp sims will participate.  
Relay For Live Angel Model Marbox

Thursday, April 17, 2014

# 40 The 100 Block Event

Sponsored by Twenty13
Today I am featuring the Mesh Unisex Baggy Sweats by Twenty13
These sweats Im featuring are only at The 100 Block Event.
I am wearing the Red version These are available in several colors and available in the standard sizes.Stop on down today while thes are 1/2 price for this event only
Model Kramer
Sponsor Twenty13 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

# 39 Day at the Beach

New Release
Marbox and Kramer are enjoying a nice day at the beach and catching some waves
in these Newly Released Red Mesh Hoodie.These are available in the standard 5 mesh sizes and several colors and more colors are being released daily.Catch these hoodies and more on HOLLERwears Market Place Store.
Model Marbox 
Model Kramer

# 38 Backstreet Boys - In a World Like This (lyrics) [HQ]

Just in a music mood for some reason I hope your enjoying these also :)

# 37 - Body Ache Lyrics - Britney Spears - Britney Jean

I guess today is a Music blog day

# 36 Jessica Sutta - Show Me

I just found this song while listening to Adonis Heights Radio today

Saturday, April 12, 2014

# 35 Strapped In

*10-4 New Release
New Release Strap Leather Jacket
This Jacket comes with a nice color and texture hud.
This is a Jacket youll fall in love with.It has some also hud colors and styles for just about any event
Check it out today on Market Place
Model Kramer Snookums

# 34 Today Tomorrow Always

 Diabolique Designs Custom Tattoos.
I asked around to find out if somebody would make me a customer tattoo.
This tattoo wordking is very important to me So i am excited to show you all my new custom made tattoo.I hope you enjoy it and hopes the person it was made more can see this tattoo also.Take a look at their store or on MarketPlace
Model Kramer Snookums

# 33 Gatcha Park

Tanks A Lot Gatcha
This shirt im wearing tonight is from the Gatcha at Tanks A Lot
Come on down and grab yours.There is several to choose from in the machines
These are Mesh and include 5 standard sizes
Here is another awesome Mesh striped shirt from Tanks A Lot
Have you been here yet ?? Why not ?? Grab that tp and head on down and play the Gatcha Machines for these awesome shirts

Friday, April 11, 2014

# 32 Gatcha @ Tanks A Lot

Here is an awesome black and blue mini stripped shirt only in the Gatcha's at Tanks A Lot
Stop down and check them all today
Here is a Leather Panel Shirt (RARE) also available at the Gatcha's
Stop on down and grab yours while still available
Model: Kramer Wearing Tanks A Lot

Thursday, April 10, 2014

# 31 Getcha Gacha On // Happy Bunny Gacha Fair

Getcha Gacha On // Happy Bunny Gacha Fair 
On April 14th, 2014 The Happy Bunny Gacha Fair opens and .twenty13. is proud to be a Sponsor of this amazing event. So many goodies! Now, as you all might know, when I have time I learn Blender little by little for creating mesh in Second Life. At this event we are happy to present to you the original mesh item "Mesh ID Badge" that is worn on the mouth. Our other item is the Mesh Animal Beanies! You can see the items in the images below! Please be sure to put this event on your calendar to go check out!
Twenty13 is also a Sponsor of this blog

# 30 Back in Black

New Release
 New Release* Stan* from FashionNatic
I am wearing the New Release Leather outfit from FashionNatic.
This is an awesome black leather with Black belts and Gold Buckles
This outfit contains everything you need from Sunglasses all the way down to the gold sneakers.
Available in the 5 standard Mesh Sizes
Model:Kramer Snookums

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

# 29 Menswear Fashion Week 2014

You've been waiting for it, now here it is.  The anticipated show list and runway casting for Menswear Fashion Week 2014.  First of all, the reason this didn't come out sooner is because, as some of you may know, we had a casting to hopefully gain a few more active male models.  If you see new faces around, be sure to welcome them, say hi, play nice.  We're all going to need each other if we want this event to work well.  There are 24 shows to fill that will contain 6-8 models each.  Everyone is going to be busy and working hard.  So please respect each other and help each other.  Help the new ones who may not know how Siren works yet.

Also, ladies, you will see there are VERY few opportunities for this event.  You should have expected that, given that it's MENSwear Fashion Week.  *Giggles*  However, that said, I think it's good that we as female models can take a step back and feel how our men feel a lot of the time... eager to work, but not a lot of opportunity.  It's amazing that our men get to shine, so please make sure that even if you're not cast in this event, you come out to some of the shows and support your fellow Siren Models.

Now that I'm done being mushy and sentimental... here are the details you need to know.


Menswear Fashion Week 2014 Dates:
     April 25th, 2014 - May 3rd, 2014

Casting For...
     Runway Models (Male & Female, though mostly Male)
     Volunteers to help with a 25 hour Charity Dance event

Appearance Requirements
     Nothing special; typical runway models for these shows

Show Times?
     Glad you asked!  
..:: Important Information Regarding Casting For This Event ::..

There are some important things to note about casting for this event.  Please bear with me, for those MWFW veterans who are reading this... I'm mostly stating this for those that haven't been with us for a MWFW before (and I may be overly detailed for myself, who has not been the Model Manager during MWFW before.  Haha.  So please bear with me.)

     * Yes, there are 24 shows to fill.  Yes, each show needs 6-8 models.  Yes, 99% of these models need to be male.  We NEED our men to be active and cast.  If there is RL preventing you from casting, by all means, RL FIRST, I totally understand.  However, otherwise, I should be seeing casting notecards from our men.

     * Things can (and will) get crazy.  The 4 themed shows have 2 rehearsals each, a regular rehearsal and a dress rehearsal.  The other 20 shows?  Only one rehearsal.  This is a 'norm' for Siren Productions.  We need you present at rehearsal, on time, and paying attention.  There is a lot of information to pack into a 2 hour rehearsal, and we simply don't have the time to schedule another one if you missed rehearsal or weren't paying attention.

     * That said, please please please... ONLY CAST FOR A SHOW IF YOU CAN MAKE THE REHEARSAL(S) AND THE SHOW.  I understand this may limit the number of shows you can do... but we need everyone present at rehearsal as much as possible.  Now, if a show isn't full and I need models, I may come to you and ask if you can, and being late/missing rehearsal may be accepted in that situation.  But that is at mine and Lexie's discretion only.  Please, again, DO NOT sign up for a show if you can't make the rehearsal(s) and the show.

     * Regarding Style Checks: I'm not sure if this has ever been gone over in detail in a casting notecard before, and I guess it has caused some upset in the last couple of events so I wanted to be clear... we do not style check you because we think you're a bad model/bad stylist/not doing something right.  Anyone and everyone in Siren Productions who steps foot on one of our runways is subject to a style check.  You could've been modeling for 5 months or 5 years, we may still choose to style check you.  This is because we (mostly Lexie... lol) have a specific vision for how we want the show to be presented.  We simply want to make sure we are as close to making that vision a reality as possible.  Please please, do not get insulted if and when we style check you.


..:: To Cast ::..

Please fill out this application notecard and return it to Barney Helendale by no later than April 19th, 2014.  Keep in mind, a lot of times these shows will fill up, so don't wait until the last minute to send your card back.  :-)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

# 28 A Note on Standard Mesh Sizing

This work is been quoted from:  Minnu Palen & Thora Charron (of LeLutka), Siddean Munro (of SLink), Elie & Anouk Spot (of Mon Tissu) and Jaden Celoe & Shay Sibrian (of Celoe)

The following questions are answered below:
- What is Standard Sizing?
- What is the purpose of Standard Sizing?
- How do you know the Standard-Sized shapes are accurate?
- Where are XL and XXL?
- Won't we look like a bunch of clones if we're all using the same 5 shapes?
- Where can I get these shapes and how much do they cost?
- What if my own personal avatar size doesn't match one of the Standard Sizes?


- What is Standard Sizing?
Standard Sizing is a system created to standardize avatar shapes so that rigged mesh clothing can be created to fit most adult human female avatars and so that consumers will be able to objectively identify their own avatar with one of the Standard Sizes, enabling them to comfortably purchase rigged mesh clothing and accessories. We have created a group of 5 shapes representing the 5 most common adult human female avatar sizes in Second Life: Extra Extra Small (XXS), Extra Small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), and Large (L).

- What is the purpose of Standard Sizing?
Creators and shoppers would benefit greatly from having a common language to communicate about sizing of garments and accessories for avatars.  As a consumer, you can determine which Standard Size is closest to your favorite shape and buy clothing in that size.  As a creator, you can fit your designs to the Standard Sizes, guaranteeing that they will fit a wide range of customer shapes.

- How do you know the Standard-Sized shapes are accurate?
The numbers we used to create the 5 Standard-Sized shapes were calculated using the results of a survey of over 500 adult human female avatars. The survey information focused on the following measurements: Body Fat, Torso Muscle, Breast Size, Love Handles, Belly Size, Leg Muscle, Butt Size, and Saddle Bags. Because rigged mesh responds to variations in Heights (including Height, Torso Length, and Leg Length) and Widths (including Body Thickness, Shoulder Width, Hip Width, etc.) on its own, these measurements were not included in the survey.

- Where are XL and XXL?
Based on our survey results, very few users identify their avatar shapes as XL or XXL.  Limiting our sizes to XXS-L should make for an easier transition into widespread use of the Standard Sizing system. If a designer wanted to create clothing larger than Standard L, they absolutely could.

- Won't we look like a bunch of clones if we're all using the same 5 shapes?
Being able to express your individual personality and style through a unique avatar is one of the foundations of Second Life.  We do not want to limit that any more than is necessary to provide a basic reference point for avatar sizing.  Of the dozens of measurements that make up each person's shape, only 8 of them are relevant to each of the 5 Standard Sizes.  Even those 8 can be tweaked and still fit that size.  This allows a person to largely preserve their original shape, with the added benefit of knowing their Standard Size, and being able to shop comfortably for rigged mesh clothing.

- Where can I get these shapes and how much do they cost?
You can download all 5 of the Standard-Sized shapes for free from the Marketplace here: ( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/100141 ). They are full permissions, so you are free to modify them or use the numbers as you please. However, note that making changes to the following measurements may compromise the way Standard-Sized rigged mesh garments fit you: Body Fat, Torso Muscle, Breast Size, Love Handles, Belly Size, Leg Muscle, Butt Size, & Saddle Bags (We recommend that these measurements be changed only slightly, if at all).

- What if my own personal avatar size doesn't match one of the Standard Sizes?
Your shape will most likely fit into one of the Standard Size categories. Since all rigged mesh clothing will probably include alpha bases, minor size variations of the 8 measurements listed previously will be will hidden, along with any glitching due to posing or animating.  If this is not the case, you may want to modify your shape so that clothing fitted for a Standard Size will also fit you.

A directory of shops offering Standard Sizing can be found here: http://bloggingsecondlife.wordpress.com/?page_id=1363

If you have any questions or comments please join the in-world group "Standard Sizing System".  This is a discussion group for Standard Sizing issues where you're free to voice any concerns or suggestions via chat.

Below you will find measurements for each of the 5 Standard-Sized shapes:

Body Fat: 0
Torso Muscle: 21
Breast Size: 32
Love Handles: 22
Belly Size: 0
Leg Muscle: 40
Butt Size: 24
Saddle Bags: 22

Body Fat: 5
Torso Muscle: 31
Breast Size: 48
Love Handles: 25
Belly Size: 2
Leg Muscle: 45
Butt Size: 34
Saddle Bags: 30

Body Fat: 7
Torso Muscle: 35
Breast Size: 52
Love Handles: 28
Belly Size: 3
Leg Muscle: 50
Butt Size: 38
Saddle Bags: 33

Body Fat: 11
Torso Muscle: 38
Breast Size: 58
Love Handles: 31
Belly Size: 6
Leg Muscle: 56
Butt Size: 44
Saddle Bags: 36

Body Fat: 24
Torso Muscle: 48
Breast Size: 71
Love Handles: 39
Belly Size: 14
Leg Muscle: 69
Butt Size: 62
Saddle Bags: 45

# 27 Follow Your Dream

Twenty13 Street Red Outfit
This outfit includes red pants and red and white shirt
Twenty13 Red outfit
Twenty13 [KAPS] Mesh Coop Cap with design hud
Twenty13 Mesh ID Tag will be released during the Happy Bunny Gacha event
Model Kramer Snookums

Saturday, April 5, 2014

# 25 Passion

Bring to you the Dot-Be Passion Suit.
This suit is mesh and comes in all the 5 standard sizes and also includes
Texture and Color hud and your also able to purchase 
add-on texture and colors huds
Model:Kramer Snookums

# 24 Leather Jacket

Baii Maii
Baii Maii Leather Jacket with color hud
Standard 5 Mesh Sizes
Moddel:Kramer Snookums

Friday, April 4, 2014

# 23 Plaid Is Where Its At

Jax Button Up Plaid Shirt and Blue Jeans
5 Standard Mesh Sizes 
Model: Kramer Snookums

# 22 Sailor Summer

B&W Sailor Summer
B&W Sailor Summer Outfit
Color Hud for Shirt and Pants
Model Kramer Snookums

# 21 Tattoo Needed Please

I am looking for somebody to make me a new tattoo please.
Demos are Expected until I pick the Designer I want
   But its hard to find just the you want and takes a lot of time

I am looking for somebody to make me a new tattoo please.~Mesh~ I want it right here where this dragon is same size s this BUT instead I want a written tattoo this size and i think in old english writting saying this and in this order
I want this centered so its right in the middle
Tomorow and
Always ♥
I will also blog the designer that will make this for me on my Blog my Flickr ,Facebook and in several blogging groups in and out of SecondLife Please contact me Via a notecard with a Sample or email me at Kramersnookums@gmail.com. I also want it to be the same coloring

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

# 20 Still Waiting

Still Waiting to hear from Him
Just wanted to post this picture
These are Swagga Slacker Jeans with optional suspenders
and Texture Hud
Model Kramer Snookums