Saturday, September 6, 2014

# 107 Frat Boy

24 Squared Event
Ready for college anybody ??
Swagga has designed not 1 but 2 awesome Frat Boy suits exclusive to the 24 Squared Event going on now thru September 13th 2014
The suit i am wearing here is the black Frat Boy Suit.
The mesh outfit includes Pants,Shirt,Jacket and Tie with a shirt,tie and belt buckle hud and can be worn with or without the tie.
There is only a limited amount being sold and only at the 24 Squared Event.And one more thing i would add is these awesome Rude Boy Sunglasses.I am wearing the Hot Mess ones and they are full animated and only available at the Swagga Mainstore.If i was you I would pick up both items.This suit also comes in tan and the sunglasses come in 5 diffrent styles.
24 Squared Event LM:
Swagga Mainstore LM

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