Friday, March 28, 2014

#7 Meet my Zybra

 [Phunk]Welcome to [Phunk] I just happened up on this store while searching for a zebra type shirt.Of course things on MP search isnt always bringing up what your looking for,It brings up something totally diffrent.But todayI was excited when i ran across this suit.I had styling homework to get done and turned in this morning.I found this suit just 30minutes before my class at L'Amour/Nexus.I hurried and styled it and got ready for class and the teacher loved it.Of course since class ive added a touch or two of my own and here we are. I hope you guys stop on down to [phunk]
[Phunk] Zebra Mesh Suit Outfit including shoes
Available in standard 5 mesh sizes 
Model: Kramer Snookums
Photographer: Marbox Firehawk -Loon

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